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The Full Story


Participating in God’s Unfolding is a Spiritual Discernment Process co-created by Unity Spiritual Center of Springfield that helps us to clarify direction, unfold new ideas, make decisions, and inspire us to action.

Grounded in principle, Participating in God’s Unfolding is a tool for conscious co-creation that awakens our awareness of the spiritual nature of all of life.

God has already provided all we could ever need for our journey; ours is simply to reveal God’s idea of what is ours to do to live perpetually in this awareness. 

Discernment empowers us to move forward with total confidence and clarity.

Our Discernment Ministry Team is available to facilitate individual, couple, and group discernments on a love offering basis.

We offer a Discernment experience once a month. See the weekly email for announcements on upcoming discernment dates and opportunities. 

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