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Mission Statement: 

We are the heart of God, anchored in our consciousness of Oneness, barreling out of our comfort zone, building community, and being love in the world.

Who we are: 

We have always considered ourselves a small, but mighty group. Even so we actually have a very long reach. As a hybrid church, anyone anywhere can join in for services, classes, workshops and other special events either in-person, if local, or via Zoom and still feel amazingly connected.





Reverend Dr. Cheryl Rose


I have been the spiritual leader at Unity Spiritual Center of Springfield VA since January 2008. Prior to that I was the Youth Minister for five years. I am married to Charlie and have three children Kim, Kelsey and Michael. Kim is a RN living in Pennsylvania. Michael just finished his second year at Landmark College in Putney VT, Kelsey just graduated with her Masters in Education from Princeton Theological Seminary. And of course, the most important member of the family – 13 year old Tippy, our Jack Russell terrier.

I am honored to be a part of this community that supports one another to grow spiritually and to live Principle as we deal with life’s joys and challenges. My passion is community expressed through serving our greater community in service projects, such as our bi-annual Recirculation Day at the Fairfax County Resource Center, and having fun together at our classes and  community events such as our annual pool party, musical events, our annual Christmas Candlelight Service and Sunday Celebration in the Park.


Molly Lynch

Licensed Unity Teacher

Molly Lynch has been a student of Unity teaching for over 40 years. In 2008 she become a

Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT). She was the spiritual leader of Unity in Alexandria (VA) from

2009-2017. She has also been a dedicated student of A Corse in Miracles for over 25 years,

seeing beyond the iambic pentameter language of the text to the great mystical truths it reveals.


Her passion is the study of early Christianity. What do we really know of the historical Jesus and

his actual sayings. How did the stories and legends about this simple man and uneducated

teacher evolve into the many forms of Christianity that we see today. Learning to hear with her

inner ear, Molly endeavors to discern the deep spirituality of his simple sayings that invoke the

mystical connection with all the world’s great spiritual traditions.


Mary Hanson

Licensed Unity Teacher

Mary was certified as a Licensed Unity Teacher in 2016, soon after retiring from her military and civil service careers. As a former journalist, federal communicator and Navy Captain (similar to Army Colonel), she yearned to continue public service in a new capacity. She now seeks to exemplify spiritual communication and leadership, with either groups or individuals. After a challenging and successful career at the highest levels of government – including the Pentagon, State Department, and White House – she has discovered that the hardest task of all is to look inward, boldly but compassionately, while continually seeking to raise her consciousness and live accordingly. Mary is also a frequent traveler, occasional speaker, and judge for the Center for Plain Language.

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